The PNG Tourism industry has taken a highly coordinated approach to safety and security, working with various law enforcement agencies in order to provide a strong framework for ensuring that safety and security is always paramount.

Papua New Guinea cannot be isolated with regards to the safety and security issues that are faced everyday. It is just like any other country around the world, where safety can be an issue and security issues can be pinpointed to only one area within the country - but everywhere else you travel within the country, it is often safe, secure and full of happy Papua New Guineans.

While it is always advisable to take safety precautions, the destination is usually filled with smiles all around and friendly people. For all our visitors, we always advise them that common sense must prevail at all times when visiting areas around Papua New Guinea.

Health Regulations

Certification or vaccination against yellow fever or cholera is required for travellers over one year of age, coming from or through infected areas. Malaria is the only serious health risk in Papua New Guinea. Visitors are strongly advised to consult their local doctor or tropical disease clinic to commence anti-malarial preparations before arrival in PNG. Water quality is within World Health Organisation standards in most towns; however, bottled water is available and in rural areas it is advisable to boil water at all times.